Subsidence on a 19th century property

Insuring a home with historic subsidence: a case study
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Aberdeen based Derek Guilionotti was unable to find an insurer which would cover his 1830s house due to historical subsidence. After five years of no claims history he found when his home insurance came up for renewal, his previous provider refused to cover the property. HomeProtect came to the rescue.

Couldn't find an insurer to cover historical subsidence

"I have lived in the house for 20 years and whilst there has been some historical subsidence my previous insurer refused outright to insure me with no explanation as to why", he comments. "What was very frustrating was that I have made no claims over the past five years and because the property has historical subsidence, I agreed to cover the full cost of any subsidence related issues myself should they arise. I would have thought this would be music to insurer's ears, but it did not seem to be the case, instead they point blank refused me without any explanation.

HomeProtect to the rescue

HomeProtect came back and offered me cover instantly. Whilst I can appreciate insurance prices are based on track record, in the same breath policyholders really want to see the benefit of what they are paying".

About our home insurance

HomeProtect aims to provide online cover for properties which have suffered from subsidence, including properties built prior to 1850.

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