Why an empty home is riskier

Empty homes are more likely to suffer damage when no-one is living there
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Protect your property from break-ins, vandalism, fire and many more hazards.

Houses with security screens and doorsEmpty homes need specialist unoccupied property insurance because without a homeowner or tenant in-situ they are more susceptible to break-ins, vandalism, degradation, fire and many more potential hazards.

Unoccupied house insurance is often needed on a short term basis, such as when houses are pending sale or occupation by a new owner.

There are also instances when properties will be left empty for many months or even years, such as during probate, when you are in hospital long term or while you are undertaking renovation works.

In each of these situations, without you being present to maintain and take care of your home, the property is more at risk. A standard home insurance policy may not be equipped to protect your empty property.

It is for this reason that you should switch to unoccupied insurance from a specialist insurance provider. You should inform your insurer that your house will be empty as soon as possible.

We, and most other insurance providers, define unoccupied as a house that is left vacant for 30 consecutive days or more.

Insurers will not pay for loss or damage caused by your failure to safeguard your property at all times, so you must take precautions to minimise the risks.

This could include but is not limited to locking all external doors and windows, ensuring that someone checks on the property once a week, and turning off all sources of electricity, fuel and water.

"We needed a policy for a property that will be unoccupied initially and then occupied and the Home Protect team told me how to do this very cost effectively, most impressed!" Wednesday, 30 March 2016

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A quality presentation of documentation and effective renewal at a similar premium to the previous year. Dealing with a family home which remains empty as owner in a residential home has emotional issues. The manner of renewal made it easier than it might have been. Trustpilot, 6 February 2017
The staff were very efficient and helpful when I rang for a quote. They made it very clear what the insurance covered & answered my questions with ease. I was happy with the quote as it was in between other quotes I received so happily went ahead with it. Review Centre, 2 May 2017
Taking out insurance for my mother's empty house after she died was so easy with HomeProtect and far cheaper than her original insurers - we even decided to change the insurance on our holiday home to HomeProtect as again it was much cheaper than the company we had been using. Trustpilot, 13 July 2017