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Protecting your home whilst you’re away for more than 30 days
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Taking a special round-the-world cruise to celebrate your retirement? Visiting family who live abroad for an extended period? Spending the winter in a warm country like Spain because the savings on your heating bill and the low cost of living there mean it's cheap to do so?

These are all common reasons why you as a homeowner might be away from your UK property for more than 30 days, but if you are then your house will be classed as unoccupied y your insurance provider and your insurance policy may be invalid.

Unoccupied house insurance for holidays

Statistically, houses are most likely to be burgled when they are left unoccupied. This means that your home and possessions are very vulnerable when you are on a long overseas holiday. Luckily, you can take plenty of steps to secure your home and reduce the likelihood of falling prey to thieves.

In some cases, all it takes is a little common sense. Lock all the doors and windows (including your outbuildings), set the burglar alarm when you leave, put lights on a timer and keep your laptop or other electronics out of sight. You could even arrange for a friend to check on the house and collect your post, or ask a neighbour to park in the driveway. This is actually a good idea if you are away in winter because nothing shouts unoccupied more than a house surrounded by perfectly undisturbed snow!

Get unoccupied house insurance during your holidays

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Getting house insurance for empty house

Securing your home doesn’t just mean literally locking everything away before you leave for the airport. Ensuring that your home insurance provider is aware that the property will be vacant for a long period of time can make all the difference should the worst happen in your absence. Vacant property insurance is also essential if your holiday is over 30 days, so bear that in mind. If you don’t inform your insurer that you will be leaving the property unoccupied then you run the risk of any claim being rejected due to an invalid home insurance policy.

HomeProtect aims to offer all of our customers the best possible insurance policy for their individual needs, at good value for money. Our unoccupied home insurance is one of the most flexible policies available, and allows you to tailor your cover for the length of time that you are away. When you return from your break, just give us a call and we can update the terms of your cover in next to no time.

Our claims hotline is open 24/7 too, so if there is an issue with your property, you can rest assured that our claims handlers are on standby to help.

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