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Look after your unoccupied house when you are working overseas

insurance for empty houseOne of the biggest decisions you need to make when moving abroad for work is whether to rent your house out, or to leave it empty until you return.

While the obvious benefit to renting your property is the added income, this can also be a massive undertaking to manage. Do you really want to become a landlord?

The alternative is to leave the building empty. This can be the best decision if you want to be able to return home from abroad, if you prefer to keep a foot on the UK property ladder, and it means that you also have the option to lease the house as an additional source of income.

Empty houses, while they can be an asset, can also be a risk. You can take steps to protect your house by having someone look after it while you are away, but the first line of defence should be vacant home insurance.

Empty properties are exposed to several risks, including burglary, vandalism and arson. An insurance policy that is specially tailored to unoccupied houses will help you to recoup your losses in the event of a claim.

You may well find that some insurers are reluctant to provide cover for an unoccupied property, however, we are able to provide an easy online quote regardless of the length of time that your property will remain empty.

It is no issue for us to work with expat UK homeowners, and our policy for vacant property insurance is very flexible, allowing you to change your level of cover as and when you need to.

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  • No-claims discount to help reduce premiums
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  • Up to £25,000 Legal Expenses cover included
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