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5 key areas when starting a bed and breakfast
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Running a B&B can be a great way of making money out of your home, particularly if you live in a popular tourist destination or an area where there’s a regular flow of business travellers. But before you start planning what to call your new business, and making the ‘fun’ decisions like whether to go for chintzy or chic décor, there are several important legal factors worth considering.


If you intend to operate a bed and breakfast business out of your home you will probably need to obtain planning permission from your local District or Borough Council, as it may be regarded as a ‘change of use’. When deciding whether or not to grant this, the planning committee may take into account if there are already a number of other B&Bs operating in your area.

You may also need to get planning permission if you’re planning any kind of building work to convert a residential property to a B&B. Even if the work doesn’t require planning permission it may need building regulations approval. This can apply to non-structural projects such as installing an extra bathroom or adding radiators. If these works are carried out by a tradesman on the government’s Competent Persons Register, you won’t need to apply for ‘building regs’ approval yourself, though.

Fire regulations

As soon as your home changes from being a purely residential property to a B&B business you will need to comply with fire safety legislation. This involves carrying out a fire risk assessment which will identify whether there are any actions you need to carry out to help prevent fires and also what you need to do to keep you and your guests safe. You can either do this yourself or use a professional assessor.

Different regulations will apply based on the size of your property and the number of guests you’re able to accommodate, but generally you should expect to have to install things like fire alarms and fire extinguishers, and put up Fire Action notices in bedrooms as well as Fire Exit signs where appropriate.

Some B&B owners may need to replace existing internal doors with fire doors (which include mechanisms that close the door automatically and are of a particular construction) for given locations, and emergency lighting.

You’ll want to make sure that all of your furnishings, such as mattresses and upholstered chairs and sofas, conform to current fire regulations too, and if your property has any gas appliances you must have a gas safety check carried out every year.

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Terms and conditions

It’s a good idea to draw up a set of Terms and Conditions for your guests which cover areas such as:

  • Any deposits that are required on booking.
  • Your cancellation and refund policy.
  • Earliest arrival and latest departure times.
  • Which payment methods you accept.
  • Whether pets are welcome.
  • Whether smoking is permitted in bedrooms (it is forbidden by law in shared public spaces) any charges relating to breach of this such as the cost of cleaning carpets.

Food hygiene

Because you’re providing your guests with breakfast you must register with your local Environmental Health Officer who will arrange for your premises to be inspected. Although it’s not necessary for you to get a formal food hygiene qualification, you may find that doing some training is useful. You can easily take a Food Hygiene Certificate course online, and most are very reasonably priced.

B&B insurance

When it comes to bed and breakfast insurance, it is vital that you make sure you are adequately protected. Most ordinary home insurance policies will not extend to cover you when you convert your home into a bed and breakfast. With HomeProtect you can get a competitive online quote for guest house insurance for B&Bs with as many as 6 bedrooms. Cover with HomeProtect will not only help secure your home and its contents, but any business equipment you might need to run your B&B as well. Bed & breakfast insurance is not a substitute for other types of commercial insurance and you may require additional employers/public liability insurance as well.

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