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Eco-Friendly Home Office

When you work from home, the likelihood is that you will already be reducing your carbon footprint by cutting out your commuting pollution. But there are a number of ways you can make your work-space even more environmentally friendly.

Office position

Choosing which room to use as your home office is important. The room ought to have a window or skylight, in order to let in natural light and provide ventilation when necessary.

Natural light and access to fresh air allows you to minimise your dependence on artificial lighting, central heating and electronic cooling devices. It can also be beneficial to your moral to have a window, and allow you to keep plants in your office. When you do have to use artificial heating and lighting, try to do so economically. Adjust your thermostat accordingly and try to use energy saving bulbs where possible.

Office practices

Using recycled paper for your stationery needs will help you maintain a greener office, and think carefully about the waste you create.

Going paperless should be the ultimate goal, but until then you can protect the environment by 'reducing, reusing and recycling'.

Instead of throwing away ink cartridges, you should recycle them and attempt to switch to a refilling service.
Instead of binning documents you are finished with, you might use blank sides for scrap and note-making.

Remember that having lots of paper lying around can constitute a fire hazard, so store it properly and always have home business insurance in place.

Office furniture

Your office furniture can also play a part in your eco-friendliness. Try to use old and existing furniture, or buy second-hand instead of brand-new.

If you don't want second-hand stuff in your office space, perhaps because you entertain clients and need newer items to maintain your brand message, then you should look into green furniture solutions. There are a number of manufacturers committed to ethical sourcing and production, so these should be the first ones you shop with.

Buying quality furnishings will also help your home business in the future, as it will reduce the need to source replacements on a regular basis. Less insurable breakages will also help protect your home business insurance no -claims.

Greener office, greener mind

Once you have made sure your office is as green as possible, you can concentrate on making yourself green too. Eco-friendliness is as much a state of mind as anything else; you need to remember to be green.

Remembering to turn the lights off when you leave a room, remembering to turn off all the electronics (even if this means you have to wait longer in the morning while they all turn back on) and always remembering the 'Three Rs' when necessary.

Trying to encourage your colleagues or clients to adopt a similar mantra will also be helpful. You can't go paperless if your customers communicate only by fax, after all.

HomeProtect's work from home insurance

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Using Materials and Substances When Working From Home

Safety for home workers

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