Which fictional world would you feel the least safe living in?

Josie Shepherd

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Josie Shepherd

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Updated: 11 Jul 2024

Would you feel safer in Middle Earth or the Upside Down?

At Homeprotect, we always encourage our customers to take steps to make their homes as secure as possible – whether that’s with smart locks, a burglar alarm, home security systems or intruder-deterring lighting. 

But what if you found yourself living in a fictional world with more than potential intruders to worry about – we’re talking Demogorgons running riot in the Upside Down, the murderous vibes of Midsomer, or even Walford’s Phil Mitchell banging on your front door. 

Taking inspiration from the TV and film awards season with both the BAFTAs and the Oscars ceremonies taking place over the next month, we decided to conduct a survey of 1000 members of the UK public, to find out which fictional places they thought would be most unsafe to live in. And the results are in… 

  1. Midsomer was voted top for ‘least safe’ 
    If we had to guess we’d say it might have something to do with all of the murders. 
  1. The Upside Down from Stranger Things took second place 
    Let’s face it, bumping into a Demogorgon is a pretty terrifying prospect. 
  1. In third place, it’s the Hunger Games’ Capitol 
    Even if you were armed with a bow and arrow, there’s still a lot to fear. 
  1. Closer to home, next up it’s Eastenders’ Walford 
    Fires, explosions and murders – there’s always a lot going on near the Queen Vic. 
  1. Middle Earth and Westeros were tied in fifth place 
    Violent trees in the Old Forest, trolls in Ettenmoors and Orc-infested mountains in JRR Tolkien’s world vs. White Walkers and Dragons, to name just a few of Game of Thrones’ perils. 

On the flip side, our survey said people would feel most safe in Asgard from the Marvel universe 

It helps when you have a team of superheroes protecting your city. But let’s face it, the Hulk can do a lot of damage so you’ll still need a very good insurance policy. 

Back to reality…

Hopefully where you live feels a lot safer than the places that came up in our survey, but there are still things you can do to help protect your home and the things you love. 
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