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Internet Access In Holiday Lets

Internet access during your holidays is now a must for for holiday makers, holiday workers and the family as a whole. The internet now plays a vital role in in our modern society, a holiday would not be complete without it. The internet can provide up-to-date tourist information to make a holiday more enjoyable. Also, a good internet access can make a working holiday as painless as possible.

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Holiday internet access is now a must

Being online is important to most people these days so, unless your guests are looking for a complete escape from communication, it is likely that having internet available in your holiday let will be a big bonus. But a recent court ruling regarding illegal downloads might make you think twice about the type of access you grant your guests. With smart-phones becoming more prevalent, most of us can get online anywhere at any time these days, but if your holiday home is in a mobile coverage black-spot then supplying broadband could be even more important. Whether you supply wi-fi access or not, you will always need to have holiday property insurance in place.

Benefits of having Wifi on holiday

There are a number of reasons why having internet in your holiday home will appeal to guests. Some basic benefits include allowing guests to access up-to-date tourist information about the area, sourcing even and activity information that is likely to make their stay more enjoyable. It will also be a benefit for anyone who has to bring their work on holiday with them. Not everyone can afford to escape work altogether in the modern world, so having good internet access can make a working holiday as painless as possible. Whether you decide to have internet or not make sure you have holiday let insurance.

Be aware of illegal downloads

Generally, if your guests choose to download material from the internet illegally then they will be accountable for the consequences. This said; if the internet usage at your property seems suspicious, your provider is more likely to penalise you than your guests and it would be your account details that get flagged in any legal proceedings. One way to help combat misuse is to set up controls to limit access to certain undesirable websites. This can prove problematic though, as parental controls can make it difficult to access perfectly innocent sites and lead to user frustration. If you open your holiday property as a furnished letting, it is important you take out holiday property insurance.

One thing you can do is include a user agreement for broadband as part of the booking terms and conditions. This should prohibit any illegal behaviour or excessive download consumption and indicate that failure to comply will leave the guests culpable for any repercussions. In conjunction with this, you will also need to keep a record of your guests' arrival and departure dates to insure that any activity can be traced to the actual culprits. Your liability for illegal usage is likely to be reduced as long as you take appropriate steps to prevent misuse. Taking appropriate steps to protect yourself and your property also includes taking out adequate holiday house insurance, so you need to make this a priority.

Suitable internet security

If you supply wi-fi access at your holiday home, then you should set up suitable security to prevent other people from accessing your network. Change your passwords regularly and keep your guests updated with the latest changes to make sure they can still get online. When you operate a furnished holiday let it can be hard to source holiday home insurance from mainstream insurers, but this is not the case with HomeProtect. With HomeProtect you can get a competitive online quote for holiday home insurance cover, as long as it is on fixed foundations within the UK.

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