Types of holiday accommodation

Understanding the options available for holiday lets
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Whether you’re a tourist or a native, holidaying the UK is very popular. With so many types of homes on offer, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect location and holiday home for your getaway no matter what the time of year.

What’s great about holiday lets is that they can become a second home for a while, with space to enjoy all of the home comforts that you would normally. In large groups, holiday rentals can even be better value for money than traditional hotels, plus they often have better facilities and more privacy. (But in most cases you still need to make your own breakfast!)

They can be ideal for large families, particularly if you have small children or pets. With this style of holiday, you don’t have to put up with other families and restrictions from hotel staff. But you do need to consider a few essentials when researching your holiday let, like where the nearest supermarket is and what activities there are in the local area to stay entertained.

Buying and insuring a holiday home

Sometimes it can be more cost-effective for you and your family to make invest in a second home which you will visit again and again. The styles of houses that you can choose from may vary depending on the location in the UK; for instance holiday cottages are very common in Cornwall while holiday log cabins are plentiful in Yorkshire. The location just as important, if not more important, than the house itself.

Another important consideration when researching holiday homes to buy is how you will look after them. Your main residence may be in the next county or another country, so you should also research holiday lettings insurance.

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Holiday cottage

A holiday cottage is usually a small house. Traditional cottages may well also be listed or heritage buildings if they are quite old, but modern cottages are typically recognised as modest buildings in rural locations. The perfect cosy getaway if you’re tired of city life.

If you are buying a holiday cottage then cottage insurance is a must-have, as standard home insurance will not be suitable.

Holiday mansion

As you would expect, a mansion is a much larger house and is suited to big families or breaks with a big group of friends. In some cases you’ll find that these sorts of holiday lets are part of a compound with access to lots of shared activities. If you’re interested in a more private setting then a mansion with its own games room, cinema, gym and swimming pool could be more up your street.

HomeProtect can provide cover for large houses, so if you are investing in a mansion then get your mansion insurance here today!

Holiday lodge

Lodges or gatehouses used to be the first gateway that protected the entrance to a castle or town. This would often be built as part of the enclosing walls. Many lodges were converted into luxury holiday lets (usually without the wall nowadays). Lots of them became a separate home but bear in mind that many remain attached to the original mansion and so you might be closer to your neighbours than you’d like.

Lodge insurance might be a tricky purchase for some holiday home owners but at Homeprotect we can cover large residences, listed properties and heritage homes. Try getting a quote now.

Holiday country home

In the past many English aristocrats and wealthy families would own two houses: a town house, which was usually their main residence, and a country house. Nowadays they can still be recognised as a stately home but most have been adapted into popular tourist attractions with lets available.

Country home insurance can be difficult to come by. If a country home is your residence or you let it to holidaymakers then HomeProtect can help. Unfortunately we can’t accommodate commercial ventures.

Holiday chalet

Formerly the typical residence for cattle herders in Switzerland and France, chalets have since become a popular style of holiday home that can be found in some parts of the UK. It is similar to a log cabin, and is usually found in the hills or mountainside.

Chalet insurance is available from HomeProtect for properties in the UK and which have solid foundations.

Holiday log cabin

While log cabins have been associated with poverty in many fairy tales and throughout history, modern cabins are becoming increasingly luxurious with all of the mod-cons you would expect from a hotel. They are quite often eco-friendly houses which has added appeal for those looking to get back to nature.

If your cabin has solid foundations then we can provide a quote for log cabin insurance.

Just like the types of holiday houses available, there are many different types of insurance policies available. At Homeprotect, our holiday home insurance can be tailored around the building. We can provide holiday cottage insurance, holiday mansion insurance, holiday lodge insurance and much more.