HomeProtect launches Landlord of the Year Award

Here at HomeProtect we’re on a mission to find the UK’s best landlord. Our first ever Landlord of the Year Award will recognise those who go the extra mile to perfect their services for tenants across the nation.

HomeProtect’s Landlord of the Year Award seeks to champion all UK landlords who choose to break the perceived mould, strive never to cut corners and deliver the best quality service possible when every aspect of the profession is considered.

Tenants and lodgers will be asked to nominate their favourite landlord by answering a short series of questions to express why they feel that he or she stands out from the rest.

A panel of judges will determine a shortlist of 10 finalists, before announcing the overall winner a few days later. The deadline for nominations is midnight on 31 March 2018.

Mark Eastham, CEO of HomeProtect said: “Landlords often get a bad rap, but there are many out there who do a fantastic job for their tenants, and we want to highlight and commend them. On behalf of HomeProtect, I can say we are very excited to start our search and can’t wait to receive the first nominations.”

Want to nominate a landlord or find out more about the Landlord of the Year Award?

Visit the Landlord of the Year Award website