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Star Wars movie memorabilia

star wars memorabilia

Widely deemed the greatest film saga ever, Star Wars memorabilia is everywhere. From clothes and toys to comic books and figurines; collectibles come in a huge variety. But do you realise the fortune you could be storing?

1/20 UK homes have Star Wars memorabilia

New research shows that 1/20 UK homes have Star Wars memorabilia. The majority of collectors are centred in London too, with those living in the capital being twice more likely to collect specialist or classic movie memorabilia than elsewhere in the British Isles.

Other popular collectibles include retro board games, video games, train sets and cards. The majority of collections average £400 but there are some that are in the thousands!

Not everyone will know how much their collection is worth, so it’s worthwhile keeping receipts or a simple ledger to record values. It’s also important to make sure that these high value items are listed on your home contents insurance.

Although many collectors may believe their hoard to be a priceless tribute to the movie saga, there’s still a very real need to have cover for the items that you value most.

How can you insure your collection?

1. Find out what is already covered under your contents insurance policy.
2. Where necessary, specify items, particularly if they are over £1,500.
3. Keep an eye on the value of your items, they may increase over time and you should make changes to your policy when needed to avoid being underinsured.
4. Get a home insurance quote online.


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