Camera insurance

Protect your camera by including it on your contents insurance policy and get cover for anywhere in the world!
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Photography and videography equipment can be so expensive. But with a HomeProtect policy you can make sure that your camera, lenses and other kit is covered if it gets damaged or stolen.

Get camera insurance as part of a contents insurance policy

Whether you’re a novice shutterbug or a collector of vintage models, you can get cover online by simply adding your device to your Contents. Be sure to keep the policy up-to-date with all your latest purchases to remain adequately insured.

At HomeProtect, gadgets such as cameras, and that are worth less than £350 individually, are automatically covered under a contents insurance policy. If your camera equipment is worth more, then it can be covered separately as a specified item on your policy. Claims for damage to screens are limited to £100 . We require you to specify items worth more than £1,500, individually or as part of a collection.

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