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Protecting your camera by including it on your contents insurance policy
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Photography and videography equipment can be so expensive. But with a HomeProtect policy you can make sure that your camera, lenses and other kit is covered if it gets damaged or stolen.

Get camera insurance as part of a contents insurance policy

Whether you’re a novice shutterbug or a collector of vintage models, you can get cover online by simply adding your device to your Contents. Be sure to keep the policy up-to-date with all your latest purchases to remain adequately insured.

At HomeProtect, gadgets such as cameras, and that are worth less than £350 individually, are automatically covered under a contents insurance policy. If your camera equipment is worth more, then it can be covered separately as a specified item on your policy. Claims for damage to screens are limited to £100. We require you to specify items worth more than £1,500, individually or as part of a collection.

Frequently asked questions

I want to insure my camera, is there a limit to the amount I can insure it for?

There's no limit to the amount of insurance cover you can purchase for your camera and associated accessories, but please note that if any one item is worth more than £350 individually, then please enter into the quote form: the make, model and value of each item so that they can be listed on your policy. Choose High Risk item - Personal item to enter these details.

Can I insure my camera equipment?

Yes! Digital cameras and camcorders count as electronic gadgets for insurance purposes and must be specified on your policy if they’re worth more than a particular amount in order to be covered. Check the current level in our policy booklet.

Is my camera insured whilst I’m on holiday?

Digital cameras are protected against theft anywhere in the world, so long as they’re specified on your policy and you’ve requested cover away from home.

Is there a time limit on new for old camera cover?

No. HomeProtect insurance policies replace items on a new for old basis, which means that we provide a replacement up to the specifications of the original. Alternatively, we may offer a cash settlement based on what the camera could be bought for now.

Do lenses need to be specified separately from the camera itself?

For insurance purposes, your camera includes your lenses too. If the total value of your digital camera, lenses and other accessories is above the limit required for specifying electronic gadgets items on your policy, you need to let us know about all of the parts of your camera equipment, even if each of them separately is below the limit. Check the current limit in our policy booklet.

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