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Jewellery is often an item given as a gift or inherited, and because of that it often has a high price tag as well as sentimental value. If an item of jewellery is stolen or damaged, then we can help you cover the financial loss.

We understand that your jewellery collection can change in value too, so it’s important to have high value items properly assessed by a jeweller. This will enable you to request the right level of insurance. With items of this nature, security is crucial. Jewellery should be stored in a secure place, preferably a safe for particularly expensive items or collections.

Insurance for high risk jewellery

High risk items like jewellery need to be named on your policy. A HomeProtect policy has a claim limit for individual items at £1,500. Therefore, you need to specify items with a value that exceeds this so that you are not underinsured and left disappointed in the event of a claim. Bear in mind that any reimbursement will be minus your excess.

When you buy a HomeProtect contents insurance policy you can include a total value of the items you carry overseas. Our worldwide cover protects your jewellery in the event of theft or accidental damage whilst you’re abroad. If you acquire new pieces of jewellery throughout the policy year, it’s quick and easy to add them to your cover.

Frequently asked questions

Insuring jewellery – can I add it to my home insurance?

Yes you can! You only need to specify items of jewellery worth more than a certain amount on your policy, or if you want them covered outside your home. Check the current level in our policy booklet.

Do you insure Tiffany jewellery?

Yes we do! Yes. You need to specify any items of Tiffany (and other) jewellery worth more than a certain amount on your policy. Check the current level in our policy booklet

How do I get independent valuations of my jewellery?

Take your jewellery to a registered valuer, such as one who is a member of the Institute of Registered Valuers. They can provide you with a valuation and also a detailed description of each piece, which also sets out how the value has been determined.

What happens if I lose a diamond or gemstone from a ring?

HomeProtect contents insurance does not include accidental loss, so this would not be covered.

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