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Although the sentimental value of yoru wedding ring is priceless, its value as a piece of jewellery is easier to measure, and this can can increase over time so it’s well worth getting your wedding band valued before researching insurance quotes. This will ensure that your jewellery is insured for the accurate amount and that there are no nasty surprises if you need to make a claim, as most home contents insurance policies have a single item limit for unspecified items. If your wedding ring is worth more than the claim limit allows, you must specify it individually on your policy.

Proof of ownership for claims

As well as valuations from jewellers, it’s a good idea to keep an inventory of all your jewellery with descriptions and photo. This can also be used by the police if your ring is stolen, since claims for stolen items will require a crime reference number to be processed.

Cover away from the home

Most contents insurance policies will only cover your ring against theft or damage within your home. Make sure that you are comfortable with the level of cover included in your policy, and buy extra cover for outside the home if you want this.

Frequently asked questions

Are wedding rings covered outside the home?

HomeProtect contents insurance covers wedding rings against theft outside the home so long as they have been specified on your policy and you have requested cover away from your property.

Are men’s wedding rings covered too?

All rings are covered in the same way, no matter who owns them!

What if I accidentally drop my ring down a waste disposal unit?

Your ring would not be covered in this situation because HomeProtect insurance policies only protect you against theft or, in some cases, physical damage.

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