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What does Home Insurance Cover?

What does Home Insurance Cover?

Do I need specialist insurance if I am building my own house?

In a nutshell, yes. Self-build insurance should be taken out to protect your project from risks such as flood and fire. You may also need to look into the employer’s liability insurance for builders under your direction. If you are building a home using non-standard materials, then you should certainly take out specialist insurance. Once the property is completed, then you can apply for a home Home Insurance with HomeProtect.

What does the optional Lost key coverage cover?

The optional lost key cover provides you with cover up to £1,500 for the year following the loss, theft or damage of keys anywhere in the UK, it also includes:

  • Locksmiths charges.

  • Onwards transport costs if you are stranded as result of the loss

  • Theft or damage of your car keys.

As an incentive for the safe return of your keys we also pay £10 reward to the person who returns your keys. There is absolutely no excess to pay and using this service will not affect your no claims bonus. Find out more about our lost key cover.

Does the policy cover my home whilst it is being renovated?

We can consider cover on your property when it is being renovated but existing customers should let us know before the works start so that we can make a decision on whether we can continue to cover you and whether an additional premium is necessary. In most cases we’re happy to offer cover.

Can I insure a property when the owner is deceased and the property is empty?

Yes, HomeProtect can provide cover for an empty property if the owner is deceased and the property is, therefore, going through probate. Please note that we may require a copy of the policyholders’ death certificate and evidence of who has a financial interest in the property insured. Find out more about our home insurance for properties in probate.

Does house insurance cover mobile phones?

With a HomeProtect policy, if your mobile phones are worth up to £350 each then they’re covered. If any of your mobile phones are worth more than that individually, you will need to specify them on the policy when you get a quote, to have them included in the cover. You can also opt for accidental damage cover for your mobile phone in and out of the home. Find out more about home insurance including mobile phone cover.

Does the policy cover my home and belongings even if I have lodgers living with me?

Yes, HomeProtect can cover your home and belongings if you have lodgers, however accidental damage cover may be restricted. Find out more about home insurance for live-in landlords with lodgers.

Does house insurance cover boilers?

House insurance can cover your boiler in some cases. Check that you don’t have a separate boiler insurance policy set up by your gas installer before paying extra to include it in your home insurance policy. HomeProtect’s Full home emergency cover optional product, available when you buy your home insurance through HomeProtect, will cover emergency repairs to your boiler as long as it is less than 15 years old.

Can I insure a property that is not my permanent residence?

Yes, HomeProtect provides cover for let-to-tenant properties, second homes, holiday homes, weekend/weekday only homes and unoccupied properties.

How do I find the rebuild cost of my property?

If you purchased the property in the last 5 years your homebuyers survey may include the rebuild cost. However, if you purchased the property more than 5 years ago you will need to get an up to date assessment.

If your home is of standard construction (normally brick walls and tile roof), not a listed building and not built before 1720 you can use the free online BCIS Rebuild calculator.

If your home is built with non-standard construction materials, or it's a Listed Building or it was built before 1720, you will need to consult a Chartered surveyor to provide you with an accurate rebuild cost.

If my home insurance covers computers and printers, do I need separate insurance to work from home?

Most insurance policies exclude property that is used for business. This is why we have developed our policy for people who run a business at home, specifically for you. The policy includes the cover you need for business equipment, public liability cover and in some cases a certain amount of insurance for your business stock. Find out more about our home business insurance.

I have “Consecutive days unoccupied 30” what does this mean?

This means that your property will remain fully insured when left unoccupied for up to 30 consecutive days. If you will be away from the property for longer than 30 days it’s important that you contact us to make sure your property is still covered by unoccupied property insurance.

Does my home insurance state who takes responsibility for maintaining the property?

No, while you retain ownership of the property and are ultimately responsible for its upkeep this is not expressly laid out in your insurance policy. Maintenance of the property is something which should be laid out in the agreement that you make with the tenants and is at your discretion.

Does home insurance cover lightning damage?

HomeProtect buildings insurance typically covers damage caused by lightning strikes and thunderstorms. Lightning can cause a fire to start so it is certainly an important risk to be covered for by your home insurance.

Generally, the UK experiences a very low level of lightning activity by international standards, with only approximately 0.46 lightning strikes per square km each year.

In tropical regions, such as some parts of Brazil, the figure is as high as 300 per square km per year. The South East of England does have a slightly higher incidence of lightning than the rest of the UK due to its warmer climate.

Does the policy cover my property whilst it is empty and up for sale?

Yes, HomeProtect provides cover for an unoccupied property even if it’s up for sale. However, there will be some restrictions on the cover offered.

Does home insurance cover damage caused by fracking?

HomeProtect home insurance policies generally cover a homeowner for damage caused by ground movement and natural earthquakes, and any ground movement caused by fracking would have the same effect on a property as ground movement with a natural cause. There are no exclusions for damage caused by fracking. Find out more about Subsidence insurance.

Does house insurance cover public liability?

House insurance can include public liability cover in some cases. The HomeProtect home insurance policy includes up to £5 million public liability cover. In the event of someone having an accident and being injured in your home, or if their belongings are damaged in your home this insurance cover includes legal cost cover to defend your claim.

Does the policy cover an empty house?

Yes, HomeProtect provides cover for an unoccupied property, however, there are some restrictions on the cover offered.

Can I get home insurance for a mobile home or houseboat?

No, HomeProtect does not provide home insurance for mobile homes or houseboats. HomeProtect can only offer insurance for properties that have fixed foundations.

Do you insure thatched houses?

HomeProtect insures homes with thatch roofs in certain circumstances. This includes both straw- and reed-thatched houses. Please call us for a personalised quote.

If I lose my keys, will the policy pay for replacing my locks?

As standard your policy provides £750 cover for lock and key replacement following the loss or theft of your home keys. Find out more about our optional lost key cover.

How does HomeProtect define ‘Home?

The main building within the Boundary of the Insured Address. Home does not include Outbuildings, items kept in an Outbuilding or items left in the open.

Home, Outbuildings and Boundary at a glance:

Note: These diagrams are for illustration only. If there’s a conflict between the diagrams and the wording in your policy, the wording should be used.

What insurance do I need to rent out my house?

Landlords insurance will provide the property cover you need if you are letting your house to tenants.

You can also take out a holiday home insurance policy if you are renting your house to paying guests at set times of the year.