Guide: Renting out your holiday home for the first time

Answering your questions about letting holiday homes
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If you own a second home and are now thinking of letting it as a furnished holiday home to paying guests, you might be feeling a little apprehensive. Fear not, HomeProtect has prepared a helpful guide to assist you with the answers to some common questions.

guide successful holiday homeWhere will I put all of my things?

Generally when letting out your holiday home, you should never lock away anything that your guests might need, like kitchen equipment. For any personal or fragile items, you might want to keep them out of the way. You could either store them in a lockable cupboard or attic space or in a secure outbuilding.

As the property is to become home to another family for a while, you should try to remove your personal or valuable items. It is recommended that you remove all high value items, such as antiques, jewellery and artworkwork from the property before letting it out to paying guests.

How can I trust guests to look after my holiday home?

The fact is that there is an added element of risk in allowing strangers to stay unsupervised in your home, but there are ways to reduce the risk. Firstly, make a full inventory of the items in the property. Keep a copy in the welcome folder at the property, give another copy to whoever is managing the check-in and check-out, in case guests challenge any deductions that you may be forced to make from their deposit. A cleaning or damages deposit is recommended, and should be taken as well as a booking confirmation deposit.

Secondly, communication is key to building good customer relationships, so you should make contact with your guests as soon as they make their booking. Correspondence can help to make guests feel like friends, and friends are more likely to take better care of your home. A welcome basket, containing a few necessary groceries or luxury items can have a positive impact on your guests' stay and goes a long way to ensuring they return the kind gesture by treating your property well.

Where can I find someone to do the cleaning at changeover time?

Finding good changeover and cleaning staff can be a little difficult if you are new to an area. It is usually a good plan to try and talk to other holiday property owners in the area to source recommendations. Cleaners charging a flat rate for a property clean are preferable to those who charge by the hour, as it is easier to predict and account for the expense in your budget.

Still feeling apprehensive?

This is perfectly natural. Give your guests a quick courtesy call during their stay to make sure they are settling in well. Once again, a good relationship will mean they treat your home like their own. Remember, now that your holiday home is now providing an income so it’s worth the small inconvenience of making sure your guests enjoy their stay.

Will my home insurance provider insure my holiday property too?

If you haven’t yet organised your holiday home insurance, HomeProtect provides an online quote in 5 minutes, in most cases. You can get insurance for holiday homes from us regardless of the type of building, including holiday cottages in the country or town houses close to the city.

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