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Discover the most popular UK holiday hotspots, depending on the type of holiday you enjoy!
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uk location holiday homeThe first question to ask yourself is will it be primarily used by you and your family or are you looking to rent it out? If you’re looking to rent it out then you need to treat it like a business and do your research, and that includes finding the right insurance for holiday homes. Either way it should be somewhere you enjoy visiting as you’re going to be spending a lot of time there.

Start your research around holiday destinations that are already popular. This will be important if you going to let the property out while you stay at your main residence. Try to look for a suitable property that is in budget and within walking distance or only a short drive away from a UK hotspot. This will give you a benchmark for which to evaluate all other properties against, and then you can broaden your search area if needs be. Here’s some locations to get you started, as rated by travellers in TripAdvisor’s Traveller Choice awards 2016!

The most popular UK holiday destinations in 2016:

1. London
2. Edinburgh
3. Liverpool
4. Llandudno
5. Blackpool
6. Torquay
7. York
8. Bath
9. Glasgow
10. Manchester

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If a city break isn’t your cup of tea, try who say that the following destinations are the most popular UK holiday hotspots depending on the type of holiday you enjoy:

Beaches and coastal areas:

  • Brighton
  • Bournemouth
  • Devon
  • Cornwall

National parks and scenic areas:

  • New Forest
  • The Cotswolds
  • Peak District
  • Snowdonia
  • The Lake District
  • Loch Lomond and the Trossachs
  • Dartmoor

History and heritage:

  • York
  • Liverpool
  • Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Cardiff
  • Bath
  • Portsmouth
  • Canterbury
  • Cambridge
  • Windsor

But for sheer rental demand and income you can’t beat the beach. According to the best beaches can be found in these areas.

  • North Cornwall
  • South Cornwall (and don’t forget the tip)
  • Isles of Scilly (bit hard to get to!)
  • North Devon
  • South Devon (more lush than the north)
  • Dorset
  • Isle of Wight
  • Sussex
  • Kent
  • Suffolk
  • Norfolk (popular with certain royals)
  • Yorkshire
  • Northumberland
  • Lancashire (just west of The Lake District)
  • East Coast of Scotland
  • West Coast of Scotland
  • Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland