Home business insurance for Airbnb hosts

“We would not have been able to host our room without affordable home insurance.”
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Starting a business from home

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In December 2015, Liam and Joelie bought a new build property in an up-and-coming area of Nottingham. Buying a house, although a dream come true for many, is also a huge investment and one that can have many associated costs. So this young couple showed some entrepreneurial spirit when they monetised their house by letting it to paying guests.

Being fortunate enough to have a spare room that is not often used, it seemed a no-brainer to make more use of the space. The couple didn’t want to take in a permanent lodger though, so decided to become Airbnb hosts instead: “Airbnb has allowed us to host guests when it is convenient for us and the extra income helps to pay the mortgage.”

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Securing home business insurance

The flexibility of Airbnb was a perfect match but it took some time to set up. Liam and Joelie were well aware of the potential risk involved in allowing strangers into their home and sought additional cover from their existing supplier, who refused to cover the property for Airbnb lettings.

Forced to look elsewhere, they had to spend a lot of time searching for a home insurance provider but were often met with refusals or expensive quotes. It wasn’t until HomeProtect was able to provide specialist cover at an affordable premium that Liam and Joelie could get their Airbnb business off the ground.

“Our decision was based entirely on whether the home insurance would support Airbnb hosting, and whether the price was affordable. We would not have been able to host our room without affordable home insurance. Thankfully, HomeProtect have been able to provide that and we are now happily hosting our spare room.”

If you’re ever in the area, exclusive use of a whole floor in their home gives you a comfortable base to explore Nottingham!

Offering Airbnb and searching for insurance?

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