Bookkeeping insurance

As a bookkeeper working from home, you should take care to insure your home & business against mishaps.
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Recording a company’s financial transactions is a necessity in any sector. Identifying, approving and recording each transaction so that they can easily be retrieved from the relevant account means that bookkeepers are essential for managing a business. Not every business requires someone full-time and in-house though.

If you are a bookkeeper working from home, either for a firm of accountants or for private clients, then you should take care to insure your home business against mishaps.

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Office equipment

Unless you are operating a very traditional setup that is still using ‘books’ then you will want to insure your office equipment. The cost of replacing office equipment can be very high. You might not realise it as using every day tools like your computer or printer are likely second nature, but imagine if you had to replace your office ware after a flood. Not only would your home be affected but being unable to recover quickly could put your business and reputation at risk too.

Public liability

If you meet with clients face-to-face then it’s important that you also have adequate bookkeeper’s public liability insurance. This will protect you from unfortunate incidents involving visitors, such as a client being injured while on the premises. Public liability insurance for your home business can cover legal fees and compensation payments after a claim. HomeProtect offers public liability insurance up to £5 million.

Since you are providing a vital service for businesses it’s best to insure against risks which could not only impact your professional life but your home life as well.

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Satisfied customers

I required business use on my home insurance as I have set up my own personal training business from home. When looking for a quote many insurers would not cover me or they were charging more than I could afford. Home Protect were able to cover my home and my equipment at a very reasonable price. Trustpilot, 27 March 2017
I needed to review my home insurance and found you through the internet. The application form was easy to use and did not take long to complete. The price was very competitive and I managed to save over £170. Thank you. Trustpilot, 25 July 2017
HomeProtect include many of the add ons as standard, making them a very comprehensive insurer. Being underwritten by AXA is also reassuring. Trustpilot, 29 August 2017