Home business insurance for psychotherapist

“We have to know that a good and reliable business insurer has our back.”
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Home business insurance for psychotherapist

mark and jutta

After many years of working in offices around the world as a foreign correspondent and editor at the BBC, Mark Brayne set up his own business with his wife and business partner Jutta Brayne. Both are now experienced psychotherapists specialising in trauma.

The company, Braynework, was set up in 2002, allowing full command of the couple’s own affairs, their working portfolio and finances. In 2010, Mark invested in a Cotswolds Shepherd’s Hut, shipping it to his home on the North Norfolk coast where he and Jutta now work with a number of clients from the serenity of their garden.

In Mark’s own words, it’s a “perfect space for the powerful work we both do of emotional healing and sometimes transformation.”

When working with clients suffering from anxiety and depression, or who are recovering from personal loss or childhood trauma, the setting is a protective and nurturing place. Having cover from a reliable insurer is essential for Mark and Jutta in their work from home, allowing them to address a client’s vulnerabilities in the safest meeting space possible.

Operating a successful home business

Mark would not contemplate running a business from home without proper insurance in place, advising other home owners to make sure that any business run from their house is adequately covered with good insurance.

Since the company launched, Mark has always had appropriate insurance in place, but recently chose to shop around for more affordable cover. Some mainstream providers declined to offer business use insurance at all, and their existing brokers were unable to source cover at a reasonable price. HomeProtect offered cover with an easy application process and attractive premium.

“In life as in work,” Mark says, “if things can go wrong, sooner or later, for someone, they will. And if that were to happen, we have to know that a good and reliable business insurer has our back.”

Working from home insurance

At Homeprotect, we’re pleased not only to provide cover but peace of mind for those who work from home, letting you focus on helping your clients and customers. In Mark and Jutta’s case, ease of application and price mattered most when sourcing a provider. HomeProtect was able to meet their needs with an online application, easy forms, prompt response, flexible cover options as well as the most competitive price.

Are you running a business from home and searching for insurance?

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