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Buying just one insurance policy that covers your home belongings as well as the items owned by your home business is convenient and practical. If something happens at the property, such as a flood or fire you would only have to make one claim with one insurer rather than dealing with multiple claims and the confusion that can occur in this scenario. 

Firstly, what does contents mean?

A common question. Contents refers to the items in your home that you would take with you when you move house. As well as items in the house, you will need to include items stored in the attic, cellar and garage or shed. Contents insurance also covers plants in the garden, garden furniture, students possessions whilst at University and items you are storing in a professional storage unit.

Contents insurance for businesses run from the home covers the general items you use to run the business such as computer, printer and filing cabinet etc. The value of these should be included in the contents total value to be insured under your home contents insurance policy.

Insuring business stock

You might store some business stock that you intend to sell, in the home or outbuildings. Our Underwriting team may need to ask you some questions about how much stock, what type of stock and where it’s kept to be able to provide you with the cover you need. Even though the stock is insured you should make sure that wherever the stock is stored is secure, reducing the risk of theft and fire.

Specialist business equipment insurance

If you have specific equipment that you use to perform your business such as kilns for pottery making, sewing machines for seamstresses or lawn mowers for garden maintenance work; then we are likely to be able to insure those too. If you take your equipment away from the home to run the business be sure to also select away from the home insurance. Read about the cover limits for business equipment.

Calculating the value of your contents

The most accurate way to calculate the replacement cost of your contents is to list everything in each room individually and research how much it would cost to replace each item new today. HomeProtect contents insurance covers loss or damage on a New for Old basis, meaning that items damaged or lost can be replaced with a new version of the same or similar item.

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Satisfied customers

Very easy to renew and at a very good price. Building and contents covered with a few clicks on the keyboard, taking the stress away. Reviews.co.uk, May 2022
Being in a situation where we needed to insure contents of a house owned by our late son, he passed away 8 December 2021, until it could be sold we encountered a very understanding and helpful representative of Home Protect who talked us through all the queries we had. She even took time to check the legality of our status as it was different to her earlier experiences. Would definitely recommend your company to friends. Reviews.co.uk, April 2022
Easy to use - and great value (moved from Direct Line and saved around £200!) Trustpilot, 6 June 2022

Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to calculate the contents value?
If the contents valuation is less than the actual valuation, you will be under-insured. In the event of needing to make a claim, you might only receive a pro-rata portion of the value of the contents. If the valuation you provide when taking out the policy is higher than the actual amount needed, you may be investigated for fraud in the event of a claim plus you’ll have to pay a higher premium than necessary. This is why it pays to be as accurate as you can be, to save frustration and disappointment later.
Does contents insurance cover mobile phones?
Yes, your contents insurance policy can also include mobile phone cover. If your mobile phones are worth less than £350 each they are covered in the standard HomeProtect contents insurance policy. If you require cover for mobile phones worth more than £350 each then you will need to add them individually when you take out your online quote. You’ll need to enter the make and model of the phone, the value of each phone and whether you want to buy cover away from the home.
Can I buy Accidental Damage cover for my home business contents?
A basic level of accidental damage cover is included in the HomeProtect policy as standard. But when you have obtained your online quote, you will be able to select a more comprehensive full accidental damage cover. It is designed to protect your belongings from accidental damage caused by yourself, your guests and wild animals.
Where can I find more details of what’s covered?
You can read more about the different aspects of contents insurance. The Policy booklet includes all the details and cover limits, see Section 2 for details about Contents insurance.

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