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Launching a business from home

beccy hurrellFor the past six years, Beccy Hurrell has been working from home as a self-employed music teacher. A music aficionado herself from a young age, Beccy plays piano, flute, bassoon and sings. She has nearly always been involved in musical theatre societies and choirs but it wasn’t until she became Musical Director of the Rother Community Choir in East Sussex that her passion for teaching really took off. In 2011, Beccy made the decision to work from home and the rest, as they say, is history.

As many home business owners like Beccy will tell you, the “freedom to operate my own business as I like to and flexibility to work around my lifestyle and family” is a great advantage. But being the boss also means taking responsibility for the way that the business is run, including having the necessary insurance in place.

Are you running a business from home and searching for insurance?

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Home business protection

With policies for public liability and the instruments at the property already covered, Beccy sought to protect her home with a policy that included business coverage. In most cases, standard house insurers refuse to provide cover for properties with business use and, as Beccy can attest, the challenges she faced were a limited choice of providers with those who did offer a quote being very expensive.

In search of a good deal, Beccy took to a comparison site to narrow down her options. She needed affordable home insurance from a well-rated provider with excellent cover levels, including business use, and acceptable excesses. When HomeProtect came up, Beccy was pleased by the easy process and good price. She also has some good insurance advice to share with other home business owners:

“Make sure you are covered and that you are getting a good deal. It doesn't hurt to phone up and ask as insurance companies can be flexible as well.”