Home business insurance for speech therapist

“It offers me peace of mind to know that I have the necessary insurances in place should any issues arise.”
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Starting a home business

Speech and language therapists (SLTs) provide treatment to those who struggle to communicate. According to The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists there are 17,000 therapists practising in the UK.

Olwen Cockell is one of them. Working from home, Olwen supports children with communication difficulties, making sure that they are not left at risk of poor literacy, mental health issues and are not disadvantaged as adults.

After 15 years of working in public service organisations and having seen cutbacks in services as a result of pressures to the NHS her independent SLT service, Talk and Learn, was launched in 2011. Now a room in her home has been specially adapted for one-to-one therapy sessions.

“Children with communication difficulties can be quite easily distracted so I have a room specially adapted for therapy. Environment is crucial to successful communication. My therapy room is welcoming and child-friendly but it’s also quiet, safe and distraction-free.”

As environment is so important, Olwen also offers therapy sessions at schools, nurseries and makes home visits so the child and family are comfortable. These can be noisy settings, however, meaning that running a business from home also provides a much needed respite to type up case notes, concentrate on producing assessment reports – and enjoy a quiet cup of tea!

Are you running a business from home and searching for insurance?

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Protecting visitors to the property

Being your own boss and working from home comes with the benefit of being able to juggle work and family commitments. But client families visiting could also be impacted by incidents at the property. Public liability for the children who come for therapy with their families was a concern, which led Olwen to search for home business insurance with public liability cover.

It was important to find an insurance provider that demonstrated an interest and understanding of the business to be able to offer the personalised cover that was needed. HomeProtect staff were found to be enthusiastic and motivated to provide this level of cover, giving peace of mind that the necessary insurance is in place.

“I have recommended HomeProtect to a friend who was having difficulty finding insurance cover for her home. She was really impressed by the quote HomeProtect offered and she has just renewed her home insurance for the third consecutive year.”