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Contact Centre Consultant: Simi
Arriving at work I use my commute to respond to messages because I won’t be able to use my phone in the Contact Centre. Data protection is taken very seriously, as it should be. I live locally so it doesn’t take me too long to arrive at the office.
Every morning I make a cup of coffee and chat with colleagues, then it’s time to get settled at my desk. Getting ready to start the day
Checking my emails I check my emails first to confirm if there are any specific items outstanding that I need to attend to. Then I check Sharepoint to see if referrals have come back from the underwriters.
Sometimes there will be unresolved queries that I need to answer or seek clarification on. I’ll need to speak to the appropriate Team Manager, or a colleague in another department before I can contact the customer. Checking with a Team Leader
Talking to customers on the phone Obviously, most of my time is spent on the phone. The team works very hard to make sure that response times are quick and that customer queries are managed efficiently. It’s something that we’re well prepared for in our induction and training, and it’s second nature to me now.
In complicated cases, I would typically place the policy holder on hold and seek clarification from a manager. We’re non-advisory so I’m careful to only relay the most appropriate information.
At lunch, I like to go for a walk around Kingston. The offices are in a great location, right beside the river, so it can be lovely to wander along the riverside on a sunny day. Lunchtime in Kingston upon Thames
Team meetings On occasion, I’ll need to attend team briefings. We’re encouraged to share feedback with management, as this is used to influence new initiatives. As part of our dedication to living the values, each month we nominate colleagues for a prize when they have demonstrated a particular value, which is then announced by the CEO, Mark, in the company update.
I log in and set my status to available to take calls again in the afternoon. Without fail, I like to make myself a cup of tea at 4:30pm. Afternoons are spent helping customers
After work drinks by the riverside After work, it’s really great when we are all able to get together for a drink around the corner. There are plenty of pubs and bars to choose from, so this usually happens on Friday nights!

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