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Check out our brief guide to living with a lodger and you could be letting a room in no time
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If you’ve got the space and are open to sharing then why not rent a room in your home? The extra income can be great, you can benefit from having an easy option for feeding your cat or walking your dog when you're away, and you might even make a friend.

Check out our brief guide to living with a lodger below, then read our article on how to find a lodger, and you could be letting a room in no time!

  • Check that you have the legal right to let a room with your mortgage lender, landlord or local council.
  • Check the cost of rent in your area to be sure that you are offering a fair price.
  • Create a contract. Make sure this is signed by both parties before your lodger moves in so that all terms and conditions are agreed.
  • Use a credit checking facility when you find a prospective lodger for peace of mind.
  • Ask your lodger to set up a standing order for rent payments, rather than cash in hand.
  • If you receive any benefits or tax credits, inform your local agency as this change in living situation will surely have an effect.
  • Be aware that in order to earn a tax free income under the Rent a Room Scheme, the room you let must be fully furnished.
  • Be sure to include the rental income in your tax return if you earn more than £7,500 a year from your lodgers.
  • Have your gas and electric appliances checked by an official. It’s a legal requirement.
  • Inform your home insurance provider of a change in circumstances to make sure that you are still covered. Encourage your lodger to take out their own contents insurance.

Frequently asked question

How many lodgers can I have?

You’re allowed two 'non family' lodgers before your property is classed as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), after which you will need to obtain a licence from your local council.

Am HMO is defined as a home with more than three unrelated individuals sharing, forming two households or more.

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