What makes a house non-standard?

Owners of non-standard construction buildings frequently struggle to finance their homes. We make it easy.
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What is non-standard construction insurance?

Non-standard construction insurance is designed for houses built from materials that do not conform to the ‘standard’ definition set out by the insurance industry.

Any house that does not conform to the standard building materials of brick or stone walls with a slate or tiled roof will most likely be considered non-standard.

Non-standard construction

Owners of non-standard construction buildings frequently struggle to finance their homes. The reason that unusual properties can be so costly is that it is often more expensive to put right an issue, compared to a standard home. Mortgage lenders and insurers are less inclined to take on the risk, and the need for specialist tradesmen for repairs and maintenance can be very expensive.

In all likelihood, it is only when you are seeking home insurance or some other financial support that you will need to provide details on what makes up your property. Non-standard construction types of housing will be built from non-traditional materials. This is not just for modern concrete houses or prefab buildings, it could also include older or listed properties where their construction method is no longer widely practiced. Repair works on non-standard homes can be made more difficult when their building materials are region-specific too, as they are difficult to source and costly to transport.

Are you non-standard?

It’s not only the building materials that can classify a house as non-standard. Location and flood history as two examples of other details which can impact the classification of your property. What’s more, personal information, such as your credit history or criminal convictions, can also lead to being categorised as non-standard.

Examples of non-standard situations

  • Unoccupied property
  • Holiday Homes
  • Let Property / Landlords
  • Listed buildings
  • Bankruptcy
  • Convictions
  • Subsidence history
  • Flood history / Flood Re
  • Home business use
  • Insurance refused
  • Probate
  • B&Bs
  • Lodgers / Airbnb
  • Previous underpinning


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