Case Study: Converted property refused insurance

Insuring two houses converted into one
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Jas, a Berkshire-based property owner of two houses converted into one, struggled to find buildings and contents insurance at a reasonable premium – until he came across HomeProtect..

Existing insurer refuses to cover converted property

His previous home insurer refused to insure the houses as one property at a reasonable price and would only offer cover for the properties separately. After a long battle with his insurer, Jas decided to look elsewhere and found homeprotect which would provide buildings and contents cover on both properties as one residency and offered a far more competitive policy than previous insurers.

HomeProtect to the rescue

"My previous insurer came back to me this year with a ridiculous premium and only offered to insure my house as two separate policies which made no sense as the property had been converted into one detached house. They were happy to insure the property as two separate properties but because it had more than five bedrooms and did not fall into the standard three bedroom house were unable to underwrite for that risk which seems crazy as there must be other property owners like me in the same situation that have more than three to four bedrooms. HomeProtect offered me a fast easy and competitive rate which I could not refuse. The insurance industry should really be doing more to help property owners in similar situations," he comments.

About our home insurance

HomeProtect provides specialist home insurance online, including unusual property insurance and can cover an enormous variety of properties including converted properties.

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