Halloween, 31st October, is the worst day of the year for vandalism targeting your home with a 270% increase in claims compared with an average day. And with bonfire night a few days later on November 5th seeing a 350% rise in claims it could be a fraught week for home owners and insurers alike.

Veto the vandals!

Claims include damage by trick-or-treaters such as broken windows, damaged paintwork with eggs, walls being knocked down and fireworks being put through letterboxes on Bonfire night.

72% of people admit to hiding from trick-or-treaters and 13% say their home has been damaged in the past.

Homeowners are advised to remove all items from outside their property, to lock any sheds, and to park their car out of the way, ideally in a garage. It is also important to check that any home insurance policies taken out cover damage by trick-or-treaters.

Parents are being urged to help police to ensure homeowners don’t become victims of anti-social behaviour and damage linked to trick-or-treating and fireworks.

Beat the burglars!

As the clocks go back on the weekend before Halloween, meaning longer nights, home contents claims linked to burglary and theft are likely to increase as they have done in previous years with 8.5% more people receiving payouts.

Make sure you’re not a victim of burglary this bonfire night by:

  • Keeping your front door locked if you’re having a bonfire party in yout garden.
  • Closing your curtains and leaving lighths on if you go out to a big fireworks display. Leaving your bathroom light on can make a potential burglar wonder if you’re not answering the doorbell because you’re having a soak!
  • Locking your doors and windows securely even if you’re just popping around the corner to take yor kids trick or treating.

* Do not beat burglars physically. 

Homeowners can obtain contents insurance including cover for theft and malicious damage to protect themselves and their property from Homeprotect.co.uk with contents and buildings insurance cover that protects against malicious damage and Homeprotect can even offer you accidental damage cover.

Statistic from AXA Insurance 2009

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