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Why should I insure my handbag?

Your handbag isn’t just an accessory, it’s a valuable item that you take everywhere. Think of what you carry in your handbag; your keys and purse, including cash, perfume, make-up, sunglasses, your mobile phone, iPod and tablet. Now think of what it would cost to replace all of those items if your bag or stolen.

Bag insurance is a no-brainer when you add up the value of the items you carry every day, especially if you use a designer handbag which is also of high value.

Handbags and their contents aren’t covered as standard under your home insurance, but with HomeProtect you can choose additional cover for these personal possessions outside the home. This will give you the peace of mind that the devices and objects you use daily are protected against damage or theft wherever you are.

Our policy includes a single item limit of £1,500. If you are carrying valuables that exceed this amount then you must specify them individually in your policy. Note that to cover your electronic gadgets such as tablets and mobile phones outside your home you also need to specify these on your policy. 

Worldwide bag insurance and briefcase cover

For complete peace of mind all year round, include the items you carry with you when travelling on your policy. We can cover you for most of these items whilst you’re abroad. See what’s covered in the policy booklet.

Frequently asked questions

Are briefcases covered?


What is a handbag?

For handbag insurance purposes, a handbag is a single bag in which you carry your valuables, such as your purse or wallet and keys, including rucksack-style bags and manbags.

Do you cover the cost of replacing the bag as well as its contents if it is stolen?

Yes! If you need to claim, it will be useful if you have a receipt, bank or credit card statement that shows its purchase price.

How do I add handbag insurance to my home contents policy?

Simply add an amount for Personal Possessions for the value of everything you regularly keep in your handbag – or briefcase – on the Your Quote page when you get a quote from HomeProtect.
Note: This amount should not include the value of electronic gadgets. Get cover for these away from the home by specifying them individually on the policy.

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Everyone at HomeProtect has been brilliant with helping me set up my home insurance. I made several calls with different questions, and each one was answered professionally and dealt with promptly. I would definitely be recommending Home Protect to friends and family. In fact... I already have. Trustpilot, 7 August 2017
We've insured our home with HomeProtect for 5 years now and have been consistently impressed by the service. This year we needed to change some details which was a very straightforward process and we revived our updated paperwork promptly. I'd highly recommend this company! Trustpilot, 16 February 2017
Best insurance company I've had, no bibble babble just straight to the point. Hassle free! Cheap and great customer service. Review Centre, 11 January 2017