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Updated: 11 Mar 2024

Homeprotect does not provide standalone handbag insurance. Rather handbags can typically be covered under home contents insurance – both inside and away from the home. Read more about our contents insurance

insuring your handbag as part of your contents insurance

Your handbag isn’t just an accessory, it’s a valuable item that you take everywhere. Think of what you carry in your handbag; your keys and purse, including cash, perfume, make-up, sunglasses, your mobile phone and tablet. Now think of what it would cost to replace all of those items if your bag or stolen.

Including your handbag as part of your home insurance is a no-brainer when you add up the value of the items you carry every day, especially if you use a designer handbag which is also of high value.

Handbags aren’t covered away from the home as standard, but with Homeprotect you can choose additional cover for these personal possessions outside the home. This will give you the peace of mind that the devices and objects you use daily are protected against damage or theft wherever you are.

Our policy includes a single item limit of £1,500. If you are carrying valuables that equals or exceeds this amount then you must specify them individually in your policy. Note that to cover your electronic gadgets such as tablets and mobile phones outside your home you also need to specify these on your policy. 

find out more about our cover

For complete peace of mind all year round, include the items you carry with you when travelling on your policy. We can cover you for most of these items whilst you’re abroad. See what’s covered in the policy booklet.

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What’s covered by contents insurance?

Having contents insurance means you won’t be out of pocket if you need to repair or replace your belongings after they’ve been stolen, damaged or destroyed.

What we offer

Quick fix for uncontrollable leaks

Have a home emergency, such as electricity failure, faulty locks or vermin infestation? With the 24/7 Home Emergency cover, which we provide as standard, you can typically get an engineer at your home within four hours. And if you’re worried about an uncontrollable leak in your home, we aim to have an emergency plumber to you within two hours.

Extreme weather conditions may extend response time. Policy terms and claim limits apply.

New for old

Where we replace an item, we will do our best to meet the original specification on a ‘new for old’ basis. If we can’t find an exact replacement, we’ll offer you a suitable alternative, or a full cash settlement.

Legal advice

We provide Legal Protection cover as standard, giving you access to telephone legal advice on any personal legal issue, under the laws of the UK, any European Union country, the Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Switzerland and Norway.

What isn’t included?

Lost items.

Items stolen from unoccupied vehicles.

Damage caused by pets.

The cost of repairing or replacing items following a mechanical or electrical fault.

Contents Insurance Cover Levels

Our contents insurance is designed to protect your belongings against insured events such as fire, storm, flood, escape of water, theft, malicious damage, subsidence, landslip or heave.

Contents cover

Covering the value of all your possessions in the home, on a new for old basis.

from £25,000

Alternative accommodation

For you and your pets, in case you can’t live at your home while it’s being repaired after an insured event.

up to £10,000

Home emergency

Covers emergencies that occur in your home like uncontrollable water leaks, electricity failure, faulty locks and vermin infestation. Two levels of cover are available.

up to £500

Family legal protection

Provides a 24/7 legal advice helpline and up to £25,000 cover for claims involving contract disputes and property damage. For a claim to be successful, there must be reasonable prospects (more than a 50% chance) of winning the legal case. Two levels of cover are available.

up to £25,000

Liability cover

Liability cover involving accidental death, bodily injury or illness or property damage that you are legally liable to pay.

up to £5 million

Personal possessions

Cover for portable items that you take out of your home, like bags, clothes and sports equipment


Gadgets, bikes and valuables away from the home

Cover for electronic gadgets (e.g. mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc), bikes (including electrically assisted bikes) and valuables (e.g. watches and jewellery) that you take out of your home.


Accidental damage

Covers situations when unexpected accidents happen, such as spillages on the carpet, breakages around the house or drilling through hidden pipes. Two levels of cover are available.


Your Questions Answered

Yes, we offer cover for general personal possessions anywhere in the world. This cover is for theft of and physical damage to items individually worth less than £1,500, that are likely to be worn, carried or used by you away from the home, such as bags, clothes and sports equipment. Electronic gadgets (e.g. Mobile phones, tablets, headphones, laptops), bikes, high risk items and items worth £1,500 or more will need to be specified on your policy. 

We are currently unable to offer personal possessions cover as a standalone product – this can only be purchased as an additional extra option with contents insurance.

Yes! If you need to claim, it will be useful if you have a receipt, bank or credit card statement that shows its purchase price.

For handbag insurance purposes, a handbag is a single bag in which you carry your valuables, such as your purse or wallet and keys, including rucksack-style bags and manbags.

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