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I don’t know how much of my roof is flat, how do I find out?

It’s important to know how much of the roof is flat to be appropriately covered in case of a claim. Hence it’s worth working out how much of the roof is flat when you buy your policy. Start by checking your homebuyer’s survey for measurements of the property.

Alternatively, you could ask a builder or roofer to calculate the percentage of roof that is flat when they do the maintenance check. If that’s not possible, look at an aerial photo of your property (e.g. Google satellite view) and use the image to measure the roof surfaces remembering that pitched roof surface is sloping and therefore the area is actually larger than you can see from an aerial view. To get a quote, you need to know which bracket your flat roof fits in to: 0-33%, 34-50%, 51-75% or 76-100%.

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