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At Homeprotect, you can insure your watch along with your home contents
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Often, a watch is among the most valuable possessions a person owns. Popular brands like Omega, Rolex or vintage collectibles from Patek Philippe can also be very expensive. You will understandably want to make sure that your investment is adequately insured.

Wearing your watch every day means that you will face risks like damage and theft. And while any sentimental value is irreplaceable, financial remuneration can at least be put towards repairing or replacing the watch.

What does watch insurance cover?

Watch insurance can cover your watch against:

  • Accidental damage, such as if you dropped your watch
  • Theft, both inside and outside of your home

If your watch is under a certain value it will likely be covered by your home insurance, but for more valuable items you should specify them on your policy. Be certain to define if your watch insurance is just for the UK, or if you need cover when abroad.  

Watch insurance cost

At Homeprotect, you can insure your watch along with your home contents. You may well find that it is cheaper to include your watch in your home insurance rather than taking out a standalone policy. It’s also easier to manage at renewal!

Luxury watch insurance that's part of your home insurance policy will often provide more cover than standalone watch cover too, with worldwide cover for specified items on a new for old basis. Make sure to read the policy terms when getting a quote as insurance provider terms vary.

High risk items such as watches that are worth more than £1,500 must be specified individually in your policy to be covered up to their replacement value. Be prepared to provide evidence of ownership and a valuation of your watch. You will need to know its true value to source the right level of cover.

Frequently asked questions

I want to insure my watch, is there a limit to the amount I can insure it for?

There is no limit. Insure your watch for the correct value, i.e. how much it would cost to replace it new at today's prices. To make sure you don't under-insure your watch, take it to a jeweller for a new valuation every few years. Note that if your watch is worth less than £1,500, it doesn't need to be individually specified on the policy, but do include the value of it in the total value of contents to be insured.

Is my watch covered for repair or replacement if it is ruined by getting wet?

Watches worth less than a specified amount would be covered inside your home for damage caused by it getting wet up to a certain limit. This limit is increased if you have upgraded your contents insurance policy to include full accidental damage cover. Claims for damage outside the home to watches below the specified limit where you have upgraded to full accidental damage are subject to a maximum amount.

More valuable watches that you have specified on your policy would be covered within your home, subject to certain conditions, and outside it if you have requested this. Check the current level and conditions in our policy booklet.

Are watches covered outside the home?

HomeProtect contents insurance covers watches against theft outside the home so long as they have been specified on your policy and you have requested cover away from your property.

Do you insure Apple watches?

We do, but they are covered as electronic gadgets rather than watches.

What other watch brands do you cover?

We insure all watch brands including Omega watches, Breitling watches, Cartier watches, Chopard watches, TAG Heuer watches, Longines watches, Zenith watches, Chanel watches, Tudor watches, Bell & Ross watches, Bremont watches, Baume & Mercier watches, Rado watches and, of corse Rolex watches.

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