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Updated: 12 Feb 2024


The larger the house the more expensive the heating bill so becoming energy efficient really does pay off. Firstly, have the boiler serviced annually to make sure it’s working at full capacity. Most modern homes are technically eco-homes due to current building regulations, but if your home is older then there’s usually a lot of opportunity for improvement. Look to double (or triple) glaze the windows and lag the loft. Having an Aga becomes a viable proposition with a large property, and if all else fails stock up on cashmere jumpers!


Everything is larger so it takes longer to maintain and costs more in materials. More paint, more roof tiles, more carpet. It is better to focus on regular upkeep than to address things once they become a problem. So plan out your annual maintenance tasks in advance and stick to them. It could be a good opportunity to encourage the children to muck in and earn their pocket money.


A bigger house uses more power with heating and lighting but a bigger roof means more space for solar panels, which can be an effective way or reducing costs whilst lowering your impact on the environment.


Larger houses create and collect more dust. So ask around to find a good local cleaner and develop a tidy-as-you-go mentality. With a larger property comes more opportunity for your family to throw stuff in the corner too, so teach them to be diligent. Rostering them into the cleaning rota will help focus their minds.


Larger houses can be a target to a prospective burglar so don’t flaunt your wealth unnecessarily. Add security items such as alarms and window locks. Not only will you deter thieves but you could lower your home insurance premiums. Gravel drives are also an attractive feature that deters thieves and adds value to your home.


Another older house problem! In the further reaches of your home, finding a wireless signal might become a challenge and the electrics are often unsuited to today’s multi-device world. So upgrade to a commercial grade network. This will make everyone’s life easier and safer whilst adding value to the home.


Large houses can be a financial drain. If you’ve got a ‘slight cash flow’ problem, you can use your large house to generate cash. Within a few minutes you can be set up on Airbnb to take in lodgers or overnight guests. But don’t forget to tell your house insurer – Homeprotect can provide cover for paying guests whereas many other insurers don’t.


In today’s world of smartphones and tablets it’s easier for kids to disappear into their bedrooms, locked into their own little world of YouTube, Instagram and Netflix. In a larger house you might lose track of them for hours or days on end. Have set family time, like evening meals, and set the wireless to go off at certain times.


Big houses often have big gardens and unfortunately they have a tendency to keep growing. Choose plants that are easier to maintain and evergreen trees and bushes that rarely drop their leaves.


The larger the house, the smaller the pool of buyers. Not only on what they can afford but also what layout and amenities they are looking for. Not everyone values a sunken wine cellar or a Koi carp pond , so if one day you might sell the property think carefully before adding that unusual feature.

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