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What does Contents Insurance cover?

What does Contents Insurance cover?

What is covered by contents insurance?

Contents Insurance insures all the belongings in your home that are not attached to the property. Contents are the items that you would take with you when you move home. This includes:

Your furniture, rugs, computer, entertainment equipment, CDs, DVDs, videos, valuables, clothing, personal belongings - even the food in your freezer! You may be asked to specify certain items (such as bikes, electronic gadgets and high risk items) on the policy and you may be asked to make additional security provisions such as locks or a burglar alarm if you live in an area with a high theft rate. 

What isn't covered in contents insurance?

High risk items worth more than £1,500 individually or as part of a collection. Pedal cycles worth more than £350. Electronic gadgets (mobile phones, smart watches, laptops, tablets) worth more than £350. To insure any of the items shown above you must list them individually when you take out the policy. You just need to tell us the brand name, model name and cost to replace it new for each item.

It also does not cover wiring, fitted kitchen cupboards or window frames. 

Do I need Personal Possessions cover?

Although you work from home, there may well be times when you are out and about on business. At times like these, it may be best to also have Personal Possessions cover. It’s particularly helpful in case you lose or damage items like jewellery when out of the house. What’s more, this additional cover option will insure the whole family!

Do I need to provide proof of ownership for all of my possessions?

There may be a requirement on your policy stating you will need to prove ownership of your possessions in the event of a claim. You can find out if this is a requirement by looking in your Policy Schedule in the terms and conditions section. 

If I accidentally injure someone playing sports, will the policy cover any claim made against me if I am found at fault?

You may be covered under your contents insurance policy. Please check your Policy Schedule for details. 

We have foster children living with us, are their belongings covered by contents insurance?

Your contents insurance policy covers the cost of replacing or repairing contents owned by all members of your family who reside at the property. We treat long term foster children as members of your family.

Are my children at university covered by my contents insurance policy? 

We provide cover up to £6,000 per claim for a family member living at university or college provided the items were within occupied student accommodation at the time of the loss and so long as your son or daughter comes back to the insured property outside term time. There is a single item limit of £500, but if you need more than this, please contact us. Also any laptops, tablets, smartphones, mobile phones or bikes will have to be specified even if they're worth less than £500 each.

Can the policy cover my personal possessions when I take them out of the home?

Yes, we offer cover for general personal possessions anywhere in the world. This cover is for theft and accidental damage for items you take out on a daily basis or take on holiday, such as jewellery, watches, cameras and clothing. There is a limit on each item of £1,500, and the minimum amount of cover provided is £1,500 this can be increased to suit your needs. If there are any items over £1,500 they will need to be specified on your policy.

What’s the maximum amount that can be insured per valuable item?

There is no maximum amount per valuable item that can be insured under your Contents insurance policy. Please note that anything classed as a high risk item that is valued over £1,500 needs to be specified as a high risk item to be covered under your policy. Electronic gadgets and bicycles worth more than £350 also need to be specified on your policy.

What’s the difference between high risk items and general personal possessions?

High risk items are belongings that are more frequently stolen:

  • Antiques
  • Rare books
  • China, glass and porcelain
  • Clocks
  • Coin medal, stamp and other collections
  • Electric wheelchairs/mobility scooters
  • Gold and silver including plated articles
  • Guns
  • Jewellery and watches
  • Furs and Handbags
  • Pictures/paintings and other artwork
  • Garden equipment including lawnmowers
  • Sporting equipment
  • Musical equipment
  • Medical equipment

General personal possessions are items that you take out of the property on a daily basis or take on holiday, such as jewellery, watches, cameras and clothing. The value of cover for general personal possessions may include some of the high risk items you have specified plus a sum for non-specified items such as clothing.

We have grandparents living with us, are their belongings covered by contents insurance?

Yes. Your contents insurance policy covers the cost of replacing or repairing contents owned by all members of your family who reside at the property.

Does the policy cover my contents whilst I’m moving home? Yes, the HomeProtect policy will cover your belongings whilst moving home. Please bear in mind that this is only cover for fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, theft or attempted theft.

How do I calculate the value of contents to be insured?

Visit every room in your home (including the attic, shed and cupboards under the stairs!) and list all your belongings including curtains, kitchen equipment, luggage etc. Research how much it would cost to replace each item as new and then add up the full amount you’d need to replace everything. 

We normally cover the amount you specify, however if you enter a very low amount your policy may include more than this, if this is the case you will be made aware of this before purchasing.

Why do I need to fill in all the details about the property if I only need contents insurance?

We need to know where your belongings are kept in order to provide the right amount of cover for you. For example, if the property that you live in has a history of flooding, or it is a listed building and therefore has no window locks, then the risk of your belongings being damaged or stolen is higher; therefore we need to know all about the building to properly cover your belongings. Having an accurate level of cover means that, if the worst happens, your claim is more likely to be paid out in full.

Can I insure my contents in fully furnished rented accommodation?

Yes, we can insure the contents which you own or are legally responsible for. Find out more about our cover for contents when you're a tenant.

Are mobility scooters covered as individual valuables?

Your mobility scooter is automatically covered by your contents insurance within the your property if it is worth less than £1,500. Please make sure that you have included its replacement value in the total value of contents to be insured. However if you would like it covered away from the property as well, or if it is valued at £1,500 or more, then make sure you specify it on your policy and choose 'cover away from the home' when you purchase the policy if you need that. Find out more about our mobility scooter insurance.

Are items in my shed or garage covered?

In most cases, they are covered up to a certain maximum per claim if you make sure the value of these items are included in the value of contents to be insured. You can find out more about our garage insurance here, and our shed insurance. Please note that there are some items that we can't insure such as boats and water skis, please refer to the Policy Booklets for full details.

Are dishwashers part of contents?

Yes, dishwashers are covered against a full range of risks on HomeProtect contents insurance policies. Note that home insurance does not cover breakdown of domestic appliances.

Are things in the garden, such as plants, fences and ornaments covered by the policy?

Yes. Loss or damage to plants, bushes and trees in the garden are covered under the contents insurance policy, unless the damage was caused by disease. However, loss or damage to domestic fixed fuel-oil tanks, swimming pools, tennis courts, drives, footpaths, patios and terraces, walls, gates and fences are NOT covered, unless the building is also affected at the same time by the same event.

Does the policy cover my electronic gadgets, tablets, mobile phones etc?

 Yes, although you must specify any mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and pedal cycles which are worth more than £350 on your policy for them to be covered. Mobile phones will usually be covered by contents insurance, but you may need to specify the device on your policy for it to be properly insured. Terms vary by insurer, so always check with your provider. 

Does the policy cover my desktop computer?

Yes, your desktop computer is covered by your contents insurance. Make sure you’ve included the value of your desktop computer in the total value of contents to be insured. Find out more about what our contents insurance covers.

Will my laptop be covered as standard, or do I need to list it separately?

Your laptop will not be covered as standard unless it is worth less than a certain amount, and then only within your home. Laptops generally need to be specified to be covered. Find out more about our electronic gadget insurance.

Are iPad screens covered?

The first £100 of any claim is covered for damage to iPad screens, provided you have full accidental damage cover. 

Are my personal possessions covered outside the home or if I go on holiday?

Not unless you have taken out our Personal Possessions cover. This cover is an optional extra that you can purchase with your policy. Under our HomeProtect policy, the Personal Possessions option covers your personal belongings against theft or accidental damage anywhere in the United Kingdom.

If you are taking these possessions overseas, cover is included for up to 90 days each year. Any individual items worth more than £1,500 will need to be specified on the policy.

What happens if part of a set or suite is damaged or lost?

Where damage occurs to items forming part of a pair, set or suite (e.g. a living-room suite), if the loss or damage occurs to a single item or easily definable area, only the damaged item or area will be repaired or replaced.

Can I arrange cover just for my personal items?

We are currently unable to offer personal possessions cover as a standalone product - this can only be purchased as an additional extra option with contents insurance.

If items are stolen from my car, would they be covered by my contents insurance?

Check your car insurance policy first as this typically has personal possessions cover included.

Do you cover damage caused by carpet moth?

Carpet moths are a form of infestation so damage caused by them is not covered.

Does the policy cover jewelry?

Yes, HomeProtect does provide cover for your jewellery. If an item of jewellery is worth more than £1,500 it will need to be specified as a high risk item.

Please note, that the policy includes a maximum of £5,000 cover in total for gold, silver, gold and silver plated articles, other precious metals, jewellery and furs; or 20% of the total value of contents to be insured. You can increase this limit if needed.

Please contact our team to arrange a higher level of cover. If you need to cover your jewellery away from the home, please make sure you choose to add cover away from the home when you purchase your policy. Your jewellery will then be insured for periods of up to 90 days, away from the home and outside of the UK.

Does the policy cover my contents whilst in storage?

Yes. We can cover the contents when they are temporarily stored in a professional storage facility up to 20% of the total value of contents to be insured.

This cover protects you against damage caused by:

Fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake or smoke. Aircraft and other flying devices or items dropped from them. Storm, flood or weight of snow. Escape of water from fixed indoor pipes, water tanks, toilets, or frost to water systems. Escape of oil or smoke from heating system. Theft or attempted theft. Collision by vehicle/animal. Riot, violent disorder, strike etc. Subsidence, landslip or heave. Falling trees, lamp post, telegraph poles.

We also provide cover against fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, theft or attempted theft whilst the contents are being moved to or from your new property, a bank, safe deposit or furniture storage location.

Do I need to specify all of my valuable items, such as furniture and stereo equipment?

No, the only items you need to specify on your policy for cover within your home are items worth over £1,500 each, if they are classed as high risk which are: Antique or rare books. China, glass and porcelain. Clocks. Coin collections. Electric wheelchairs/disability scooters. Gold and silver including plated articles. Jewellery or watches. Antique or sporting guns. Medal collections. Picture/paintings. Ride on lawnmowers. Stamp collections.

Please also specify any mobile phones, smart phones, laptops, tablets and pedal cycles over £350.

Does the policy cover wear and tear?

No, the contents insurance policy does not provide cover for wear and tear.

Do you cover musical instruments?

Yes, musical instrument are protected by our contents insurance cover. As they are high-risk items, any that you want covered outside your home or that are worth more than £1,500 (including any case in which they are kept) need to be specified on your policy.

Can I insure my bicycle with you?

You can insure bicycles as part of your home contents insurance policy. However, you need to tell us about each bicycle to be insured. We need to know the brand name, the model and the cost to purchase that model or equivalent as new. Find out more about the cover options we offer for bicycle insurance.

In the event of Injury or death at my property, will the policy cover any claim made against me if I am found at fault?

You may be covered under your contents insurance policy. Please check your Policy Schedule for details.