Home Insurance Covers Damage Caused By Lightning

Does house insurance cover lightning strikes?

Yes, buildings insurance typically covers damage caused by lightning strikes and thunderstorms. Lightning can cause a fire to start or cause electronic appliances to short-circuit and break, so lightning is certainly an important risk to be covered for by your home insurance.

lightning strike home insuranceProperty owners can rest assured knowing that their building insurance will cover any damage caused by thunderstorms and lightning strikes.

Dramatic lightning strikes in the UK during the Summer have acted as a reminder of the damage that can be done by electrical storms.

In June and July last year, many homes were damaged and suffered fire damage as a direct result of a lightning strike.

Generally the UK experiences a very low level of lightning activity by international standards, with only approximately 0.46 lightning strikes per square km each year. This is low compared to tropical regions, such as some parts of Brazil where the figure is as high as 300 per square km per year.

The South East of England does have a slightly higher incidence of lightning than the rest of the UK due to its warmer climate.

Tall commercial buildings and some tall residential buildings will typically be installed with lightning protection spikes on the roof attached to copper tape along which the electrical charge runs to the ground. The cost of installing such a system on a home can vary considerably, starting around £1,500.

Buildings insurance from HomeProtect covers damage caused by lightning and thunderstorms. Property owners can sleep easy at night knowing that should the property suffer damage through storms, that the home insurance will cover the cost of any damage caused.

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